What is Kinetic Faith and what do we do? 

In short, we empower you to make a real difference without having to rely on politicians and lawyers. 

Kinetic Faith is a faith-based LLC. We know that’s an unusual combination, but we found 501c’s to be too restrictive to get the job done. We offer services beyond the traditional but are still not-for-profit. We organize and empower citizens at a grassroots level in 3 areas, with the fourth area of focus on the church. 

The three areas of focus for citizens are: 

  1. Restoring Election Integrity – such as pursuing a forensic audit of the 2020 election, and a repeal of Act 77 
  2. Enabling Parents to Take Back Control of School Boards – instead of just constantly fighting off the latest Marxist policy 
  3. Stopping Government Overreach – with a current focus on stopping mandatory COVID vaccinations 
  4. Waking and Equipping the Church – to reengage society through a ministry of interposition to demonstrate love for our neighbors (i.e. get the Church to care about and engage in the public square to help stop the destructive secular/Marxist issues tearing apart society) 

We are conservative in our ends, yet unconventional in our means.  While others limit their focus to raising awareness and education, we go deeper by training, equipping, and mobilizing citizens in a way that truly disrupts progress by the Left, then advances the agenda of the Right.  We use multi-pronged approaches (in other words, more than just a lawsuit, or threat of losing election) that put the Left on defense and reacting to the community teams we’ve deployed.   

Example 1 – Restoring Election Integrity 

While others were promoting videos, news stories, and petitions, we laid a foundation of unifying patriot groups at a grassroots level, training them how to scorecard their legislators in order to measure support (and resistance) to a forensic audit.  This information was then used to develop action plans to apply pressure to legislators, by leveraging the unified support the Patriots gave one another. For example, if a key legislator is avoiding taking a stance, we organize groups that will back each other up to relentlessly pressure them for a response, then using our scorecard methodology, quantify their response in a way that exposes vulnerability.  They identify colleagues that could influence them and mobilize Patriots from those districts to apply pressure for that legislator to influence their colleagues.  The message is made clear that their cooperation is needed, or they risk getting primaried.  The information is then shared throughout the Patriot network to further galvanize resolve. 

Communication and Action Strategies are then developed to help begin a campaign of pressure and persuasion, as well as recruitment of possible candidates to run against the incumbent.  All with integrity. 

Example 2 – Enabling Parents to Take Back Control of School Boards 

School Boards are becoming a reliable weapon of the Left to indoctrinate and accelerate their agenda.  Most parents do not understand the machine they’re up against, nor the processes that manage and manipulate them.  We open their eyes to the process, develop strategic plans around tangible desired results, and help parents translate them into tactical action.  We strengthen the impact by building a team of teams that gather and share intelligence with one another. 

For example, as School Board members attempt to slide things past parents and avoid answering their questions, we expose their agenda and get the pulse of the community (via various methods of polling) to measure the level of support parents have in confronting the Board.  We then help them build a communication strategy to win over and mobilize the ‘silent support’ in their community.  Using our ‘win either way’ philosophy, we think three steps ahead of how to exploit actions of the Board to continue to build support in the community.