In Eastern Lancaster County (ELANCO), order and calm spirits are hallmark virtues of its people.  They do not go looking for fights but have a time-tested heritage of standing their ground on matters of conviction and principle.

During this 2018-2019 school year, the ELANCO community has found itself the target of an unwelcomed controversy.  Namely, the confusion caused by a student, who appears as a biological female but identifies as male, wanting to be granted full access to the male locker rooms within the high school.  This student has rejected every effort of the school administration to accommodate their needs. Including private facilities specifically for them.  As you would expect, the community finds this unreasonable and illogical.

Unfortunately, the board is wavering, and fast-tracking a solution that goes against the will of the people by not upholding the differences of the biological sexes.  In an effort to appease and avoid law suits (that the Left is pursuing anyway), the board proposes to spend $1.4 million to build gender-neutral single user facilities.

Gender neutral “private” locker rooms are just a costly smoke screen to avoid dealing with a hard issue. This school district needs to stand on the original views expressed by the community at the first board meeting.

87% of the community want a policy that does not allow co-mingling of the sexes, and 78% want it by a policy that simply separates these young men and women by biological sex. Period.

Only 22% of the community wants to spend $1.4 million to build gender-neutral, single user facilities. An overwhelming majority simply want a policy that keeps each sex from imposing itself on the other, just like it’s always been.

The board plans to approve the spending and renovations on May 13th but with your help, Kinetic Faith and the ELANCO community can turn this around and if necessary, fight this all the way through the general election in November. Harassment and law suits may come but with your help, Kinetic Faith and the ELANCO community can hold the line.

This is significant because we can set a precedent that helps school districts across the United States.  Please donate to this cause and help us get the word out, together we can restore order in the ELANCO school district in a way that helps all of America.

Reference Material

This is what the community wants Policy 253 to look like!

“The Policy We Want”

School Board shows their hand: Policy 253 Exposed

On June 10th the School Board finally admitted what we’ve been saying all the long; Policy 253 does NOT separate students by biological sex. In fact, the Board admitted that Policy 253 PROHIBITS separation by biological sex.

Click here to see our in depth analysis and hear it for yourself.

Policy 253 – Physical Privacy

The ELANCO School Board is considering adoption of the following policy. The ELANCO Truth Alliance and Kinetic Faith have provided our assessment of the policy to show why it does not uphold and separate students by biological sex, which the community has overwhelmingly expressed it wants.

Please help us spread the word! Click below to read the insights provided by the ELANCO Truth Alliance and Kinetic Faith as to why Policy 253 is bad for ELANCO.

Why Policy 253 is Bad for ELANCO

Click HERE to read the current draft of Policy 253 – Physical Privacy

Click HERE to read the current draft of Policy 253 – Physical Privacy, annotated by Kinetic Faith highlighting some key concerns

District Survey Results

Kinetic Faith conducted a survey of district residents to discern their opinion about how students should be separated within school restroom, locker room, and showering facilities.  Click HERE for a detailed synopsis of the survey results.

Meet the ELANCO Truth Alliance Team