Our Method

Our approach is professional disciplines and services like nothing you’ve seen before!

  • We help you build a T.E.A.M. of Teams that gives you the leverage you need
  • We train and equip you with the tools you need to get the job done
  • We provide professional services to see your mission through to completion


It takes an effective moral argument to be credible and win the crowd!

We will train you in the following to make your arguments work:

  • Apologetics – How to make a compelling moral argument that wins the crowd
  • Interposition – How to make the moral argument for Christian action against tyranny
  • Unity and Resolve – How to organize, galvanize, and mobilize communities for action
  • Building Teams – How to get members of a community to agree and work together
  • Scorecarding – How to get agreement from constituencies to change elected officials
  • Strategic Planning – How to get and maintain agreement on action that makes a difference
  • Effective Communications – How to get others to respond to your call to action


To execute and be effective, teams need the right tools!

We make sure you are ready to do what needs to be done:

  • Coaching – To reinforce training and support transformation
  • Tools – To facilitate decisions that build unity
  • Templates – To provide structure and reinforce a disciplined approach
  • Technology – To enable productivity and collaboration
  • Intelligence – To provide actionable information


This is what separates Kinetic Faith from everyone else.

There’s no shortage of ‘information and awareness’, but who’s willing to walk the journey with you to the end and ensure you achieved your goals?



Success of mission requires professional grade support and accountability

Our services include the following to help you succeed:

  • Networking and Events – To kickstart and sustain teams
  • Consulting Services – Ongoing advice and thought leadership
  • Data Collection and Analysis – To make informed decisions
  • Project Management – To ensure execution leads to results aligned with strategic goals
  • Program Management – To garner resources and coordinate efforts between teams
Rick Headshot


Rick Crump is the Founder and Executive Director of Kinetic Faith. As a God-fearing Patriot, he is passionate about fighting the evil in our society and will help to empower you to fight for your freedoms as well!

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