Men’s Breakfast; Steak, Study, and Stand… Again!

Saturday, January 21st, 2023
09:00am – 11:00am: Steak, Study, and Stand Men’s Breakfast

Men, you were created in the image of God to be a man in the gates and the head of your table!
In November we examined how, as men, we were created to, and expected to, produce results for the kingdom of God.  And how the world (and unfortunately the Church too), has groomed us to be benchwarmers to prevent those results.  God wants us off of the benches and into the trenches to fight evil as an act of love to God and our neighbor, the question is whether we’re willing to take up our cross to do it.
Join us on January 21st for this second of a 3 part series where we’ll take a look at the three biggest shackles that weigh us down and how you can break free from them:
  1. Love without Justice: You’ll learn how God’s definition of love must include HIS definition of justice for love to be Holy.
  2. Politics and Religion: We’ll examine how redefining immorality as politics has been holding us back, and that the scope of the Gospel includes fighting evil.
  3. God Wills Evil: We’ll take a deeper look at whether the evil happening today is really God’s Will, and what our response should be as men.

It’s time we start a new conversation, it’s time we challenge the downward spiraling status quo, it’s time we as men get off the bench and RETURN to our God-ordained role as leaders, as men in the gates in the public sphere, and at the head of our tables in our homes.

Join us at Camp Manatawny in Douglassville for this MEN’S ONLY event for real talk that you won’t find, even in most churches today.

Note: Registration is required for this paid event, see the event listing below for details.

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